Zach Mory

Wastoid Void

This series explores the mental space that is neither memory nor imagination, where our old identities, which we cling to so tightly, become skewed and distorted as the distance grows between the present and the past. These non-functional masks are subjective attempts to bridge that chasm between my current self and memories of my younger self. Posturing, smoke, cockiness, insecurity, a major family death, decay, paranoia, a trailer-park and dark basements are funneled onto the paper via a shaky, unsure abstraction. This series is a drudge through those once very real thoughts, feelings, and emotions from my teenage and young adult years, which have long since been lost as actual memories and now exist more as a personal mythology or a memory of a memory. This series is not about self discovery. It is about acknowledging who I was and who I pretended to be during a very specific time in my life and how I perceive that younger self now. It wasn't cathartic, it wasn't painful, and it certainly wasn't joyful. It was looking in mirror, swallowing hard and accepting what is there. Its my Wastoid Void.